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Following Your Dream…And God’s Will

How often do we have dreams that appear so crazy, they seem impossible? When I dream, my imagination tends to sometimes run wild as I think of crazy things that I could turn into reality. Those dreams never seem to last very long. In fact, they’re sometimes gone before the sun goes down. But there […]

Verse by Verse [V.7]

We hope you are enjoying these challenges!This is the 7th week of Verse by Verse. This is how it works. Every other week we’ll post a new verse for memorization along with a background. Instead of having a separate post for a link-up, you may post any reflections below in the comments. Whether that’s just […]


  Forgiveness doesn’t come naturally for me. And I suspect that many of us struggle with it from time to time.   Alexander Pope had it right when he penned these familiar words about forgiveness: “To err is human, to forgive divine.”    So how do we forgive when we’ve been laid low by the […]

Meet Lucinde & A Mini Art Print Giveaway

When I read the Bible there are a lot of verses I would like to memorize. Unfortunately my mind doesn’t always work that way. I love the verse and I want to remember it but a few hours later I’ve forgotten what it said. When I started to realize how often that happened I decided […]

Valley of Fear

When the pain of loss is deep within; the grief reaches down and grabs your soul. Gray skies, a sun without  rays, too weary to pray. Emptiness whispers silently in your ear, “Your heart’s gripped with fear”. Look over the valley across the way, the friend you need is right on your path, soon you […]