Archives for January 2016

Setting Healthy Boundaries

I am a chronic people pleaser and introvert. Life experiences have taught me the necessity of learning how to set healthy boundaries, and I unapologetically admit, it has been quite challenging. The difficulty comes from trying to balance kindness, goodness, and gentleness with saying no, articulating my needs and speaking up for myself when I […]

Still with us

Everything would eventually turn out fine; I know this, and I can tell you why. Just a while ago, though, I wouldn’t have sounded this confident. I’d been waiting for something to happen – anything but nothing, in this sphere of emptiness I’d been dwelling. How did I get here? I wish I knew. I […]


The summer when my youngest son Noah was 3 years old, I took him to the YMCA for swimming lessons.  From day one, he was the kid who always wanted to swim instead of listen.  As the teacher talked, Noah would swim under the water to the other side of the pool!  The teacher became […]


Uncertainty hangs on my life like a vague, white fog. A fog I’ve become familiar with; my friendly fog. A few days ago, we ventured into the wilderness of Buffalo Peaks. A beautiful, clear day met us with chilly, yet refreshing arms. We meandered up a trail of broken sticks, soft dirt and the occasional […]