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The Coupon Diva

I have a confession to make.  I am an extreme couponer.  No doubt you know someone like me, the woman at the grocery store with the binders full of coupons.  The one who blocks the aisles with overflowing shopping carts, holds up the checkout line and argues with the cashier about whether or not a […]

Don’t Judge Yourself

Have you ever judged yourself and compared yourself to other and their accomplishments? I have and still do. In fact, some days I compare my blogs to other blogs, I compare my house, my car, my accomplishments, my marriage, my kids, my body, my clothes, and my life! Oh, I shout STOP!!!! Change that thought!!! […]

5 Marriage Myths Busted!

They marry someone based on feelings of physical attraction or because of a ticking “marriage clock”, having no idea of the self-sacrifice and determination it takes to make a marriage work. I believe there are five persistent marriage myths that set young couples off on the wrong track. Here they are: Marriage Myths Busted 1. […]

I Do! But How Did I Do It? Confessions of a Bride on a Budget

When I first got engaged I was thrilled – the man of my dreams (hilarious, hard-working, soft-hearted, God fearing, wonderful all-around) wanted to spend his entire life with ME! We had been dating for 2 years at that point, and I was so ready to say, “I Do!” I immediately got into planning mode and […]

How Moses was a Superhero and My Apron Makes Me One Too

“Mommy look, Moses has a cape and a glow stick—just like a superhero!” said my five-year-old son as we read a Bible story. I thought, “Yeah, I guess Moses could be a superhero. He did mighty acts through the power of God and rescued millions of people from pharaoh, an evil antagonist.” The Outward Marks […]