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What Paul’s Letters Taught Me About My Future Career

As a third-year Political Science student who is passionate about the intersection between faith and vocation, I have come to regard many passages of Paul’s letters in the New Testament as major compasses for my calling in my future career. In this post, I will be discussing multiple passages, as Paul’s writings have significantly impacted […]

Six Quotes to Spur You On

Sometimes, you just need a good quote to give you a push of inspiration or motivation. Of the thousands of one-liners out there in the world, I have rounded up six of my favorites, along with the reasoning behind my admiration. I hope these can inspire you in your own way, as well. Let me […]


Be careful what you wish for, and be careful what you ask. And then be careful what you want to know! It’s usually like this: – Girl perceives she has a problem that needs solving. – So she takes steps that seem very plain and obvious to her (before she even remembers to pray – […]

You too can live abundantly

Jesus came so we’d have life, and have it more abundantly. This is God’s will for us – how He intends for us to know life. SO WHAT DOES ABUNDANT LIFE LOOK LIKE? Imagine life lived daily and continually in the showers of God’s blessings – and not just the mercy drops that help you […]