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Ministry – Where Do I Fit

I remember something really profound from Bible school; the session was taught by Rev. Buddy Bell. What a jolly soul! He said God uses both the stars and the candles to light the world. What this meant is each person has a specific gift and place in the kingdom, and none is better than the […]

I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto Book Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from I Am: The Divine Purpose Manifesto by Lenita Reeves, written to empower readers with words to speak back to circumstances that make them feel like underdogs, and press against their purpose like 90-mile per hour winds. In Good Company We may be purpose underdogs. Even so, we are in good […]

Why I’ve Given Up On Forgiving Myself

Whenever I read or hear someone saying, but you have to forgive yourself, I ask, why. There is absolutely nowhere in the Bible that says forgive yourself. We are told to forgive others but never ourselves. (Matthew 6:12b) Why? Because we are not God. We cannot judge ourselves. Only God knows the reasons or motives […]


I do not believe God ever created anything (or anyone) without purpose. I do not believe I just happened on these spheres (at this time) only by chance. I do not believe I am here (now) only to survive and just get by. I do not believe I am supposed to live without faith; ungrounded […]