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Are you a caregiver, someone who works to gather people and funds to help those in your community? Many lack the basic needs of life – food, heat, clothes and electricity. Children who do not have a warm house to come home to, no food for those empty tummies, no warm, clean bed to crawl […]

Finding Joy in the Stress of Caring for Others

November 16 marks one year since mom received the scary diagnosis of AML, Acute Monocytic Leukemia.  “He said acute. That’s the bad kind” were the words mom used speaking to me before her oncologist told us to go straight to the hospital to begin treatment immediately. When Life Gives You the Unexpected I was expecting a […]

Making Room for Praise this Thanksgiving

As the end of the year draws nigh and as we quickly approach the festive season of Christmas, it is only relevant that I speak about Thanksgiving. Although in countries like the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on a particular day, I am reminded that as believers our lives ought to emulate and encapsulate an […]

Searching for Thankfulness

It’s easy to find things to be thankful for… Education The sound of the ocean Love Technology Family Things like this are good, but what can we be thankful for when it feels like the ground is crumbling beneath us? Not-So-Easy Seasons of Life Recently, my husband moved to Ohio and asked me for an […]

The Spirit of Adoption

When I was a child, my older brother and sister created the tall tale that I was adopted.  Their story claimed that my parents found me in the woods, where I had been raised by monkeys.  As I’m sure this was a common practice of torturing the younger sibling, for a split second I actually […]