Archives for November 2017

Focusing on What’s Yours

I know the feeling of wishing I was as “talented” as others. I would say things in my head like, “I can do that better,” or “If I only had the chance to do…” whatever it was that I felt I should have been doing. The truth is, I am exactly where I need to […]

Trusting God for the Impossible

The Impossible by Joyce Smith portrays a beautiful story of a mother’s faith and resurrection of her 14-years old son. After her son’s accident at Icy Missouri Lake, she thought all was lost, but this was when God stepped in giving her courage to have unwavering faith in Him to trust Him for the impossible. Joyce […]

Should We Trust People When They Betray Us?

Trust is an unusual companion—it’s your buddy one minute and adversary the next. I’ll be sitting quietly on a porch swing admiring the picket fence with a puppy at my heels. Then someone blindsides me and betrays the confidence I had in them. That glorious feeling of contentment fades from view as my heart sinks […]

Fighting Anxiety With Gratitude

Mom, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, entrepreneur, co-worker, ministry leader, friend… We women wear many hats. And the constant juggle between them all puts many demands on our time and focus. With so much competing for our attention, it’s easy to find ourselves being anxious. A job interview… Tension in a marriage… An unexpected financial crisis… […]