Archives for May 2018

Using God’s Word to Motivate You

Everyone needs motivation. Whether it is to work out, eat healthily, read the Bible, work harder, wake up early in the morning, clean the house, or work on a relationship. Everyone has something that they wished they could be more motivated about doing. I mean I do not wake up in the morning and say […]

How to have a Servant’s Heart

What does it mean to have a servant’s heart? It means serving other people’s needs before yours with a good heart. Now, I am not saying to be a slave, but I believe serving others these days is not valued because our hearts are not in it. We have become selfish people. In this modern […]

A Thought and a Feeling

Be asking yourself: Which side of the debate do I usually find myself on? Why? In what areas do my strengths lay? Where can I grow? Why can this become a heated debate topic? And…should this be a debate at all? Emotional Followers or Intellectual Followers? Those who are led by their hearts or those […]

When Your Yes Becomes a No

“Yes, Lord!” For about a month, this was a phrase that I was uttering with overwhelming enthusiasm. Whenever I would pray, there was this resounding ‘yes’ in my spirit. Even when I was praying for things I didn’t want to pray for, I would still find myself saying ‘yes’, as if it were an automatic […]

The Challenge of Transparency

We are surrounded by the impulsive pressures of being perfect. The cosmetic stores provide us with cover ups that are “necessary” to looking our best. Social media has become a window in which we share the greatest edited versions of ourselves and, though we want to put our best face forward, are we doing so […]