Archives for July 2018

Learning How to Handle an Untrustworthy Heart

Certain phrases just stick with you. These are the ones that you hear in a sermon or read in a book that just linger in your mind for days and even months after you first encounter them. “The heart is deceitful above all things     and beyond cure.     Who can understand it?” Jeremiah […]

Your Sweet Aroma

There is nothing like walking by a bakery and smelling the scent of fresh baked goods. From rich, dark chocolate to savory, salted caramel, the smell of those irresistible flavors causes our feet to come to an abrupt halt. The aroma alone draws us in.  Before we know it, we are standing in front of […]

When Life Is Not As Predictable As A Hallmark Movie

How many of you watch Hallmark movies? My husband watches them with me, and can always predict the ending. I mean they are pretty much all the same, there aren’t many plot twists that surprise him. The cliff notes version is usually guy meets girl (or reunites with his high school love), girl is committed […]

Moving God Beyond Your To-Do List

Do you ever feel your life is a checklist? As you go about your day you are checking things off: Get up-check, make breakfast-check, quiet time-prayer time-check, get the kids ready-check, etc. Each day I feel as if I am just going through the motions. It’s a struggle. Life is hard! It’s not easy and […]

Praying for Our Children

School is out and we will be seeing our children more at home. If you are like me, however, I send my daughter to summer camp for a few days. Having both kids 24/7 is exhausting for me. They do not get along most of the time. Now, they have their moments when they play […]