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My Life as a Balloon

I would never have dreamed I would be as free as a helium balloon let loose to fly to the wild blue yonder. As a fourth generation pastoral family in one denomination, I never realized I would be letting the air out of one balloon and blowing up another. Letting Go As we searched for […]

Think Inside the Box for Your Next Gift

While gift-giving is popular during the holiday season, gift ideas are needed throughout the year for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and other celebrations. Although money or gift cards are universal gifts and one that can always be used, try thinking inside the box–the subscription box that is— the next time you are in need […]

Are We Running To Win?

I was running late for work again. It was one of those mornings where everything that could go wrong did. My husband and I just trained our three-year-old beagle, “George” to be off his leash and walk around our backyard unrestrained. We didn’t have a fence and we really wanted George to have freedom like […]

When God Asks for a Leap of Faith

Sometimes a crazy idea is not just a crazy idea. Sometimes it’s God asking you to take a leap of faith. How do you know the difference? That’s the difficult part. But sometimes the desires of your heart can help you out. In June of 2014, I took the biggest leap of faith I had […]

Faith Under Pressure

We all have pressures in life. As women, we have the pressures of work, families, households, friends, and dreams. Also, we have the pressures of balancing and trying to do it all at the same time. We go through trials in life that feel like breaking us. We have challenges and don’t understand why. Life […]