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How To See the Heart of Others

Since my children were born, there has been a list of things I have prayed for them. To be protected. To know how special they are and how very much they are loved. To find good friends who will stand by them. To have their hearts and minds guarded from the things of this world. […]

The Waiting Game

Waiting on God We do not like to wait. I want everything instantly and now! Instant gratification. The internet is faster, texting is fast, cars drive faster and shipping packages are fast. Our minds are thinking everything is now and waiting is not an option. The same thing when we pray. We want our prayers […]

3 Ways to Propel Your Prayer Life

Do you ever feel like your time of prayer is becoming dry? Do you ever feel like you could use a push? You know you should pray, and you do, but you just don’t feel like anything is happening. You feel like God is far away. Let me encourage you that God is still right […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Some of us wouldn’t think about fighting the crowds on Black Friday 2018 at the brick and mortar stores. The hassle is just too much. Then, there are those who seem to live for the adrenaline rush of getting up at dawn (or camping out at the brick and mortar doors all night) and grabbing […]