Archives for February 2019

How to Walk in the Dark

It is 2019 with some radical weather crossing the country and confusing politics happening around Washington. Clouds of all kinds, physical and emotional can hover low in the winter months of the new year. We need help to walk ahead in the dark of the unknown. What about you? Does your daily life have uncertainties […]

I am More

Do you remember the first time you heard your baby say “mama”? It was a big moment. A one that you remember and cherish. It melts your heart and from that moment you are now called, “Mom”. That name is special. You are their mom. But something that I am learning is I am more […]

The Greatest Love

With  Valentines Day coming up, love is a popular topic and theme.  Well, I have the best Father who loves me. GOD. He is the greatest love anyone could ask for. We don’t need expensive things or presents to show our love to Him. Intimacy is what He wants from us. To know us and care […]