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Don’t Get it Twisted: Holding on to Truth

We’ve all probably heard of how God is great at turning negative situations into lessons or blessings that work for our good. So, what about those times when the opposite seems to happen? You gain a close friend, and then the relationship becomes toxic. You get that dream job, but then it starts to really […]

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle | Is it Right for You

It’s likely you’ve heard the buzz about the 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which launches this week. But just in case you haven’t. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is just one of the bundles the folks over at Ultimate Bundles offer during the year. What is an ultimate bundle? It’s a massive collection of resources often containing […]

8 Chic WordPress Themes for Female Bloggers

With a new season, often comes change. If one of the things you’ve been planning to change is your blog design, read on to discover a few of our favorite blog themes for female bloggers. Refined Pro Theme The Redefined Pro Theme created by Restored 316 offers a simple yet elegant way to showcase your […]

One Missing Element to Unblocking Your Writer’s Block

The past few weeks I have struggled to write. I open Microsoft word, I type a sentence and then… Highlight. Backspace. Delete. I have followed this agonizing pattern for weeks. I’ve deleted entire paragraphs, even full pages. Nothing I wrote seemed right. I could feel this huge wall there and I could not manage to […]