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To All the Mamas this Awards Season

Pictures of kids and their awards fill my Facebook feed this week. Smiling faces of moms and dads, kids holding up certificates and trophies, and posts about how proud everyone is of their family members. It’s a joy to share in my friends’ excitement with notes of “congratulations” and “great job”! But then there are […]

Beauty in Brokenness: Expressing Your Pain to God

There is beauty on the other side of brokenness. This phrase keeps floating in my head. It’s really hard to see beauty from a broken place, from an unexpected end. Or an expected one. In hard seasons, the path seems long, daunting. The sky grey, the landscape, and trees broken, burned black and lifeless. Never-ending. […]

Power from Within

Lately, my church and my Bible study group have been talking about the Holy Spirit. I am learning so much. You see I grew up Catholic, but now I’m a Baptist.  So, this is all kind of new to me because I never really heard much about the Holy Spirit. I’m so amazed that He […]

We Watched As God Answered Our Prayers

Sometimes, it seems the whole world turns to prayer. Last summer, God answered. As a watching world cried out for the safe rescue of the young Thai football team trapped inside the Tham Luang caves, God heard our prayers. Where were you when it happened? When teenage boy after teenage boy defied all probability and […]