Archives for July 2019

Letting the psalms fight your battles

Through the course of the years and trials, I have come to having times of enough is enough.  However, I have found reading the psalms repeatedly until the words jump at me to be just what I need to cling to during periods of problems, despair, and depression.  My healing ministry is about letting Jesus […]

Walk Your Walk

When I was younger, I had the mindset that once I solved a problem, I solved it forever and for everyone. Basically, once I found a solution, I wanted to apply it to every similar situation and expect the same result. For instance, one time when I was in kindergarten, I got myself out of […]

Online Dating as a Christian Girl

Recently, I entered the world of online dating. Understand, I didn’t just jump into this; I have been praying about it for a while, maybe since I moved to a different state eight months ago. Is online dating even okay for Christians? I struggled with this. I wondered if God would be upset with me […]