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Three Life Lessons I Want My Children to Know

Forever Young As a younger woman, I never thought about getting older. I was one of those that thought “Oh, I have at least 20 more years before I’m 40, so that’s like living another lifetime before that happens!” The problem is I had no clue how fast time would go. I guess most of […]

Change is Going to Come

With church growth comes many changes. Changes are hard. I am a creature of habit in many ways. We get into a routine, and it feels good, comfortable, then someone comes along and rocks our boat and everything changes. Tradition. Such a sweet, memory provoking word. We have traditions in our family that I cherish […]

Learning to Work From a Place of Rest

The past few weeks have been full of madness and stress and deadlines and severe lack of sleep. And, as I look ahead at my calendar, it’s just going to get worse in the coming weeks. There’s a looming deadline ahead of me and, even though I know I’m going to make it and it’s […]

Say That Prayer Now!!!

Academic stress, work deadlines, Employees not up to task, health decline….. With the ever-increasing pressures of the world, it’s important to keep your spiritual temperature high as a believer. Let’s not forget that the kids are back to school. John is complaining of dropping grades.  And Ken has a deep cut on his forehead. Hoh! […]

When You Walk Through the Fire

Last night as I folded clothes in my bedroom, my littlest began yelling, “You’re in the hot lava! You’re in the hot lava!” while pointing at the rug. I said, “Oh no!” but continued to put clothes away in drawers. I was on a mission and had no time for play. She then began singing, […]