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A New Appreciation for Adam and Eve

I really enjoy putting myself into Bible stories. I believe that so much can be gleaned about who we are and who God is when we put ourselves into a particular scene and watch it play out. If we understand what these people might have been thinking or feeling or imagine how we might have […]

Separate But Together

Pre-coronavirus, I went grocery shopping once a week, but once this virus began spreading through the nation and my state, I dialed it back to once every two weeks to limit the number of times I had to leave my home. I go to the same grocery store at the same time like clockwork; I […]

Six Ways to Glorify God During COVID -19

When COVID-19 first became a grim reality and most of the world, include the small burg where I live, was shut down, my husband and I prayed for this to be soon over. While I am sure that we were not the only praying for the same result, my husband felt led by God to […]