Archives for September 2020

Growing Hurts

Watching a five-month-old baby go through teething is quite an amazing and surreal experience. Babies cry, run temperatures, get irritated easily, throw up, and more – all so they can grow four pearly white teeth. All that hassle for teeth! A part of me so desperately wanted to rescue this infant from the throes of […]

Why Don’t We Celebrate Singleness?

Do memories from the past ever randomly resurface? The other day, while I was washing the dishes, an encounter came to my mind. When I left home for college, nearly 10 years ago, the last thing that my pastor told me was “I have a man picked out for you. He’s not ready yet, but […]

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is Back: Should You Buy It

Interested in learning to podcast, improving your writing skills, being a better homemaker, or creating catchy graphics…regardless of your interest, odds are there’s a course for that. Online courses and ebooks are quite popular. Gone are the days when you needed to enroll in a class at the local university to explore your creative interests. […]

It’s Never Too Late To Achieve our Goals

It is never too late to achieve our goals in life. People like Moses, Caleb, Ruth, Abraham, Rahab in the Bible did reach their heights at an old age or despite difficult circumstances surrounding their lives. What Happens While We Wait To Achieve Our Goals Waiting on God for an answer can be hard and […]

Will You Still Wait?

Several days ago, I was locked out my apartment building. It was raining hard outside and I rushed out the door because I had to drop something off at the leasing office. I left my keys because I always just run across the street there and I never stay long. Forgetting the glass door to […]