The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is Back: Should You Buy It

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Interested in learning to podcast, improving your writing skills, being a better homemaker, or creating catchy graphics…regardless of your interest, odds are there’s a course for that. Online courses and ebooks are quite popular. Gone are the days when you needed to enroll in a class at the local university to explore your creative interests.

With just a few keystrokes you can be learning from an expert down the street or clear across the world. E-courses make learning accessible and affordable no matter what skill level you are at currently.

With so many courses, how do you choose which course to invest your time and money?

3 Key Things to Consider Before Saying Yes to that Course

Are you genuinely interested in learning about the course’s topic?  As bloggers and writers, it’s natural to have a bucket list of skills you hope to hone. However, it’s important to determine which of those some-day-to-learn-skills are closest to the next “one” thing you need to master to get you closer to your personal goal for your blog or ministry.

While Pinterest courses may be all the rage if it doesn’t line up with your “one” focus perhaps it best to consider another course.

Secondly, consider your preferred learning style. Do you enjoy reading, watching videos at your own pace, or do you prefer interacting with the course creator and other participants live? No matter how well laid out the course material maybe, if it’s in a format you don’t prefer, it’s likely you will never get the real value from the course.

Did you know that the course completion rate is only around 40%, according to Teachable?  How to decide if buying the e-course is right for you

Set yourself up for success by choosing a course from a teacher you know or whose work is well respected and who uses a style that is conducive to the way you learn.

Have a course you’ve been dying to take but not familiar with the creator? Look for reviews online from others who have taken the course and ask other bloggers in your circle what courses they recommend.

Just as you can find courses covering a variety of topics, course prices have a wide range as well. That’s why the third important question to ask before saying yes to the course is can you afford the course at this time.

As Christian women, we have a responsibility to steward our resources well. And while we may want to learn more to improve our ministry endeavors, it’s important to be respectful of your budget.

Only you know your budget….

And sometimes that high ticket course just doesn’t fit.

Be okay with that.

The course will launch again.

But what if there was a way to respect your budget AND get the course you want

It’s quite possible to do, friend!

I did.

You see I’ve been eyeing this certain course, but it just was not in my budget at the time.


Along came The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

Last year I was able to get the one course I’d wanted to take + snag a whole library full of other useful courses, printables, and ebooks.

And the folks at Ultimate Bundles has launched the newest edition of The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for 2020. It has over $7,000 worth of resources along with bonuses such as 2 month trial of ConvertKit, a 3-month TailWind trial, and more.  Nope, that wasn’t a typo, friend! It’s crazy just how much value the Ultimate Bundles’ team manages to pack into each year’s toolkit.


Should you get the toolkit

Now that you have the essential questions to ask before saying yes to any course head over and check out The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit NOW.

I’ll wait

Did you find at least one course that checks off all three?

And does that one course + the library of other courses at your fingertips sound like a better value than paying MORE for the course at a later time?

Only you can answer that for yourself But it did for me,which is why I purchased this year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

If your answer was a big fat, ‘YES’ to the bundle, I’d love to have you use our affiliate link to purchase your copy of the toolkit. Get YOUR COPY NOW.

The 2019 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is available for 6 days, and then it’s gone.

Your Turn

What course in this year’s Genius Blogger’s Toolkit looked the most interesting to you? Have questions about the bundle? Let me know in the comments.

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