A Mother’s Embrace, A Glimpse of God’s Grace

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I knew today the boys wanted an extra dose of mommy. Clingy, whiny, snotty, gross, and sick—these are the words I anticipated as I rolled out of bed this morning. The boys caught the bug this weekend, and I dreaded going into today. I knew it meant that the boys would want to be held a lot, and most likely my to-do list would just have to wait.

I complained to the Lord why the timing had to be now. Last night, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep in or sleep straight because my 5-month-old Titus might get up to nurse because he was uncomfortable. The past few days, I was busy putting together a scrapbook for a friend who is moving, felt really tired from cleaning the entire house because someone was visiting, slept really late the entire week because of random reasons, and I had a terrible headache on Saturday and Sunday. I just wanted it to be a low key and stress- free Monday. But NOPE! That surely wouldn’t happen because the bug has infected our home and affected my schedule!

After putting the boys down for their afternoon nap, I sat down and had a chat with the Lord. Instead of complaining (which I always do), I chose to ask Him to speak to me instead. I think it was a way better idea than wallowing in my misery. And so He did. He spoke to me about Recognizing Grace through the devotional, One Thousand Gifts (excellent book by the way!). It quoted the verse, “What I mean brothers and sisters, is that time is short. For this world in its present form is passing away,” 1 Corinthians 7:29, 31. As I pondered on it, I realized He wanted me to see the cathedral moments He has placed in my life, such as this photo. It prompted me to write this in my journal.


Dear Lord,

As the boys battle with their cold today, You showed me that it is my cathedral moment. Right after I sang Jesus loves me and held both of them in my arms, they quietly fell asleep. You wanted me to slow down and truly taste Your goodness through these quiet moments that I have with Your precious gifts. Nothing could have made that moment any sweeter. Knowing that being in my arms and my presence would make them feel better, You reminded me that I too, can delight in being in Yours. That You smile when I dwell in your presence. That the best place to seek comfort is in the arms of the one who loves me unconditionally.  

You held my hand and gently reminded me that You alone can turn my mourning into dancing, my sorrows into joy, and my complaints into praises. You showed me that this moment with them is a gift. A time that is fleeting but a moment that is treasured. With a drool and snot-filled shirt, I was able to see a glimpse of Your grace. You allowed me to savor a fleeting moment with my boys. Thank You for letting me experience such overwhelming joy as I cradled them in my arms. Thank You for giving me this privilege of being their mom and experiencing a role that I can joyfully fulfill. I know my love for them is nothing compared to Yours. Thank You for allowing me to pray for their salvation, their future, and even their future wives. Thank You Lord that You opened my eyes to see Your faithfulness once again. If it weren’t for a cold, I would have missed out on this MOMent and on Your great lesson on grace.

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