A Powerful Woman of God

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Sometimes it’s hard to stand up straight, flip your hair to the back, and continue to walk through life as an independent woman. Every day is another day filled with battles and self-conscience thoughts. As a single lady, it is easy to drift off deep into thought about what it would be like to have a healthy, caretaking, and holy spouse. So what do you do to keep yourself strong and independent?

4 Tips for the Single Woman of God

Host a prayer meeting with friends

The company of friends and family can make an individual feel excellent inside, especially an independent woman. Find yourself a group of God-fearing women and start talking about situations in your life. Allow everyone in the group to give their opinions on particular issues, prompting the idea for advice and helpful criticism.

Once everyone has finished talking about themselves and laying their problems on the table, join hands and begin prayer. Single or married, a woman that prays to God is a woman of significant power.

You Are a Powerful Woman of God

Focus on the positive things

The more you feed the negativity of life, the more powerless you start to become. Relax and burn a few tea-lit candles before you open your Bible. Begin consulting with God about the good and bad things that have happened within the week. Try to come up with as many positive outcomes while slowly pushing aside the few negative results. The positive things in life will always outweigh the negative.

Always remember that your outlook on life is how you will continue to carry yourself. A positive outlook represents a positive walk; a negative outlook accounts for a negative walk.

Realize that no man can compare to God

There may be one man you’ve got your eyes on, gawking at him from time to time. You don’t feel confident enough to approach this person, or maybe you’re scared of initiating another relationship. No matter the case, no man can compare to God. God is your real protector and overseer. You must understand that you are a holy and powerful woman with high confidence. Believe that you can do it, and God shall see you through it.

Create goals and conquer them

If you don’t have any goals to achieve, it is easy to become complacent in your relationship with God. The weaker your connection is with God, the less power and strut you’ll have as a woman. Make a few goals no matter how minor; Set a deadline for these aims. Use your goals and ambitions as a way to get closer to God. He knows the exact time and day a man will arrive in your life. Unless you have a strong relationship with God, then having a connection with a person can be tough.

One goal you could make is to pray every morning when you wake for an entire week. After you have achieved this goal, you can move up to praying more frequently. The prayer groups is a great goal to set and accomplish. This doesn’t have to be done every day, but you should at least have something to look forward to; a deadline must be met. Stay strong in faith with God, and your power as an independent woman will never wane.