Alexis Newlin

The Bitter Root of Unforgiveness: How to rip it out for good

“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die.”-Marianne Williamson I’ve heard this quote several times in my life. It was until recently I understood how true this statement really is. Someone hurt me. When it happened, I decided to brush off the feelings and the wrongs that they committed. I […]

True Intimacy

Recently I attended a worship night at my pastor Sandi’s home. As I helped set up the snacks in the kitchen, I looked out the window and saw a beautiful large backyard, filled with flowers and fruit trees. In that backyard was a huge hammock towards the back in between two palm trees. Y’all, I […]

Beauty in Brokenness: Expressing Your Pain to God

There is beauty on the other side of brokenness. This phrase keeps floating in my head. It’s really hard to see beauty from a broken place, from an unexpected end. Or an expected one. In hard seasons, the path seems long, daunting. The sky grey, the landscape, and trees broken, burned black and lifeless. Never-ending. […]