Betsy Wise

Are You Fired Up About Christian Spiritual Growth?

Christian spiritual growth. Do those three words leap from your heart or cause you to step back? Maybe everyday life keeps you from thinking about where you stand on spirituality or for that matter Christianity. Is your spiritual condition hidden underground but ready to spring forth into the light with the daffodils and crocuses? Or, […]

How to Find a Husband with God’s Help

Red rose petals strewn across a white marble floor, the sound of your stilettos, violinists playing the Bridal Chorus, the chocolate waterfall machine emitting heavenly scents . . . STOP! What’s missing? Oh yeah, you haven’t worked out the details on how to find a husband. While visions of sublime happiness revolve inside your head, […]

How to Eliminate Secret Sins of the Heart

Indulging in secret sins of the heart is comparable to touching a sore tooth with your tongue to eliminate pain. We return to the source of pain, time and again, without finding a viable solution to stop the root cause of discomfort. Christians are especially accountable to God for committing sins that non-believers also engage […]

Start Fresh This Year: How to Enter God’s Rest

Enter God’s rest. Those words seem simple as we think about three other words. “It is finished.” The spiritual significance of both three-word phrases takes on new meaning for Christian writers on January 1st. You and I jump on our giddy-up, it’s time to make changes platform when we recall last year’s failures and successes. […]

Are You Making Room to Spend Time with Jesus

Sitting beside a roaring fire spending time with Jesus creates a feeling of harmony and that all is well. In fact, we feel like we’re one step closer to experiencing a taste of heaven. These days we don’t even need a real chimney—a hoop-de-do electric fireplace cranks out heat in no time. Honestly though, don’t […]