Chrisenda Pereida

Faith Under Pressure

We all have pressures in life. As women, we have the pressures of work, families, households, friends, and dreams. Also, we have the pressures of balancing and trying to do it all at the same time. We go through trials in life that feel like breaking us. We have challenges and don’t understand why. Life […]

Are you living out your wild dreams

Many of us have had dreams in our lives but do we have wild dreams? We have dreamt of being rich, having a certain career, starting a business, having vacation houses, traveling around the world, driving a new Camaro, writing a book. We may have tried to make those wild dreams come true, we may […]

How to have a Servant’s Heart

What does it mean to have a servant’s heart? It means serving other people’s needs before yours with a good heart. Now, I am not saying to be a slave, but I believe serving others these days is not valued because our hearts are not in it. We have become selfish people. In this modern […]

Show Me the Money

Are you battling with your finances? Does it seem like no matter what you can’t get ahead? Is your bank account low, yet the bills keep coming in? Life is hard enough taking care of a family but also providing can cause stress and worry. Not long ago I was in the same situation. I […]