Crystal Gaudet

Back 2 School Scriptures for Our Kids and Teachers

My kids are going back to school soon and my son will be in school for the first time in K3. The first time he will be gone from me all day. I’m kinda nervous how he will do. He really hasn’t been around a bunch of kids before. Then, my daughter is going to […]

Kids for the summer: Scriptures to help

Kids for the summer? If you are a stay at home mom like me, you have your kids for the summer. We decided this year to keep my oldest home instead of sending her to summer camp to save some money. However, my 3-year-old is jealous that he does not have me all to himself […]

Power from Within

Lately, my church and my Bible study group have been talking about the Holy Spirit. I am learning so much. You see I grew up Catholic, but now I’m a Baptist.  So, this is all kind of new to me because I never really heard much about the Holy Spirit. I’m so amazed that He […]

Promises that never break

I have been busy thinking about and trying to wrap my head around everything that God does for us. But, it’s becoming impossible. It’s like our brains are not wired to completely understand. The beauty in the Azaleas that are blooming with all the different color pinks and purples… the cooler weather here in Alabama […]

The Greatest Love

With  Valentines Day coming up, love is a popular topic and theme.  Well, I have the best Father who loves me. GOD. He is the greatest love anyone could ask for. We don’t need expensive things or presents to show our love to Him. Intimacy is what He wants from us. To know us and care […]