Gail Goolsby

How to Walk in the Dark

It is 2019 with some radical weather crossing the country and confusing politics happening around Washington. Clouds of all kinds, physical and emotional can hover low in the winter months of the new year. We need help to walk ahead in the dark of the unknown. What about you? Does your daily life have uncertainties […]

Faith Talks at the Hair Salon

I take chances with my haircuts. There is a Paul Mitchell School in my town where you can get a shampoo, haircut, dry and style for under $20. Occasionally they even run $10 specials! Some student stylists are slow and timid, new to their craft, while others have logged hours of practice and need little […]

The Gift of Second Sight

“You have second sight,” my eye doctor said. I was worried my glasses were not the right prescription as I could see better far away without them. “What is that?” I asked, curious but relieved. “Some people experience improved vision during the early stages of cataract development. The lens clouding, normal part of aging, puts […]

Mr. Busy Makes a Bad Boss

You hear it every day. You say it yourself. I would love to help but I am too busy. If I wasn’t so busy, I would exercise more. I am too busy for keeping up with friends. Cooking/eating healthy meals would be great, but I am so busy. My busy life doesn’t allow for even […]

Only One Vine in Romania

On a recent trip through Romania with some Global Workers, I learned something interesting. In the Romanian language, there is only one word for vine or vines: vită de vie. Only one vine. The vine that is the source of life (vie). As we drove throughout Transylvania on our way to the Black Sea, miles […]