Guest Post

My Life as a Balloon

I would never have dreamed I would be as free as a helium balloon let loose to fly to the wild blue yonder. As a fourth generation pastoral family in one denomination, I never realized I would be letting the air out of one balloon and blowing up another. Letting Go As we searched for […]

How to Plan for Parenting With a Disability

There are so many reasons we as people want to have children. For one, it’s instinctual. There is something hardwired into our biology to want to take care of the young. When you start a family, you ensure your name and history will live on beyond your time on Earth. Many people are called upon […]

Focusing on What’s Yours

I know the feeling of wishing I was as “talented” as others. I would say things in my head like, “I can do that better,” or “If I only had the chance to do…” whatever it was that I felt I should have been doing. The truth is, I am exactly where I need to […]