Guest Post

What Will Your Legacy Be

  When you consider your legacy, what comes to mind?  Many people today focus on collecting material possessions or stockpiling money to pass on to heirs.  Although one meaning of the word legacy deals with money or property left to someone in a will, another definition is anything handed down from an ancestor.   In […]

Sexuality Within the Christian Marriage

One of the most neglected topics of discussion in the Christian Church is sex…at least, sex within marriage. This is shocking and appalling, considering the Bible does not shy away from sexual references at all. In fact, the Bible commands married couples to engage in sex. “That is why a man leaves his father and […]

His Redeeming Love

I‘ve slept with six people. Yes, you heard me right. Six. Six men before I met my husband. After my first boyfriend dumped me at eighteen, I thought no one would love me because I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I wasn’t a Christian at that point in my life, and lived mostly with the mindset: Well, […]