Jennifer Arman

Searching for Thankfulness

It’s easy to find things to be thankful for… Education The sound of the ocean Love Technology Family Things like this are good, but what can we be thankful for when it feels like the ground is crumbling beneath us? Not-So-Easy Seasons of Life Recently, my husband moved to Ohio and asked me for an […]

It’s the Greatest Verse in the Bible

Well, in my humble opinion it’s the greatest verse in the entire Bible, but we’ll get to the reveal in a moment. [Tweet “So what’s the greatest verse in the Bible “] First, let’s exercise our imaginations a bit. Imagine you’ve given birth to a child (not difficult for those of you who are already […]

How I Dealt with Bullying in the Church

Yes, you read the title correctly. I was bullied. And yes, it was by someone I go to church with. In fact, it was by the mother of a student in our youth group. Now, when I say I was bullied, I mean that through intimidation I felt my position as a youth pastor was […]