Jessica Schneider

What Is The Abundant Life?

I had just moved into a new apartment. It was right at that time that I began to have dreams of a man being in my apartment when I was not there. He was never nice, sometimes he would be sitting on my bed, and other times he would be sitting on my couch. The […]

Laying Down Your Life

I want to be the winner. My son is 4, and that is something that has frequently come out of his mouth. He loves to win, he wants to be first. We have had to gently talk to him about what winning truly looks like. Crossing the finish line first may mean that you were […]

“Make Me An Offering”

Why are you crying, mommy? If he only knew the heart that went into being a parent. I was crying because I want so badly to give him and his sister the world. I was crying because his father and I want to give our children things that they desire because we love them. And […]

When Life Is Not As Predictable As A Hallmark Movie

How many of you watch Hallmark movies? My husband watches them with me, and can always predict the ending. I mean they are pretty much all the same, there aren’t many plot twists that surprise him. The cliff notes version is usually guy meets girl (or reunites with his high school love), girl is committed […]

What Are You Waiting For?

She will walk. That’s what my daughter’s doctor said to me when we went to her 15-month checkup. He didn’t know I was worried about what he would say, or the insecurities of seeing all of her friends walk, as she is still crawling like a champ. But he looked me dead in the eyes […]