Jessie Christensen


Where do we go when we get drained in life? Where do we go when we feel lost? When our future seems so foggy we can take another step? When anxiety and worry take over our hearts and minds? Where, or Whom, do we plug into to give us our power back?   If I […]

Finding My “New Normal”

Have you ever been through a trial or season in life you had no idea how you were ever going to get out of it? A season of pain so deep you often wondered if you would ever be whole again? That was me last fall. I had a relationship and strong friendship end that […]

Why Not You?

Anyone else a huge football fan?! I love this time of year with NFL Playoffs Of course, it is always that much sweeter when my Seattle Seahawks are playing Yes, this post will be about football, but bare with me a bit longer Because I truly believe that some of the most valuable life lessons we […]