Lauren Tonge

Finding Joy in the Stress of Caring for Others

November 16 marks one year since mom received the scary diagnosis of AML, Acute Monocytic Leukemia.  “He said acute. That’s the bad kind” were the words mom used speaking to me before her oncologist told us to go straight to the hospital to begin treatment immediately. When Life Gives You the Unexpected I was expecting a […]

Are we asking God the wrong questions?

Have you been praying for something for years?  Do you find yourself thinking God only moves in other people’s lives? Let’s see what Jesus says. We read of Jesus’ healing ministry beginning in chapter 8 of Matthew. It’s literally two entire chapters of healing leprosy, a paralyzed servant, Peter’s mother in law, and multiple demons possessed. […]

Failure to Launch Christianity

The more I walk with Christ, the more I love people.  Over the years, I’ve asked God to help me see people how He sees them and change my heart to be one that loves.  Because God is faithful, he has opened my eyes to something I’ve noticed in the church. I’m officially calling it […]