Nichole Wilson

The Spirit of Adoption

When I was a child, my older brother and sister created the tall tale that I was adopted.  Their story claimed that my parents found me in the woods, where I had been raised by monkeys.  As I’m sure this was a common practice of torturing the younger sibling, for a split second I actually […]

Grace For the Husbands

Typically, I shy away from writing anything marriage related, because I do not feel qualified to hand out advice to others on the subject, nor do I have it all together myself.  However, this is an area that the Lord brought to my attention years ago and it’s one that I feel compelled to share. […]

Where’s Your Tree At?

I love willow trees.  There’s something about them that seem so inviting and cozy.  I’m sure it’s the hanging branches that look perfect to lay underneath and take a nap…or have a picnic.  Regardless of their function, they’re beautiful and charming.  And I love them. Years ago, when we moved into our house, I desperately […]

Free In The Fire

Many times in my life, I’ve found myself in situations that were out of my control: times where I have felt alone and overlooked, not knowing what the future held in store.  The difficulties in life often usher in many different emotions and bring the deepest parts of our hearts to the surface.  When confronted […]