Patricia Barbe

There is Power in Prayer

Sometimes I think the hardest part of being a Christian is acknowledging the fact that there are many of those we hold deeply in our hearts do not profess the same convictions that we do. They do not recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; they may not even acknowledge God. It might be parents, […]


Are you a caregiver, someone who works to gather people and funds to help those in your community? Many lack the basic needs of life – food, heat, clothes and electricity. Children who do not have a warm house to come home to, no food for those empty tummies, no warm, clean bed to crawl […]

The Battered Woman

The subject of battered women and domestic abuse is attacking those I hold near and dear, an issue that has been close to my heart for a long time.   A-b-u-s-e of any kind is not acceptable behavior. Some form of action has to be taken when abuse occurs. However, taking action can be scary. First, […]

The Wrecking Ball

Pain and suffering came crashing into my life like a wrecking ball against the side of a building, except I was unaware of this evil being set in motion against my family.  The intent was to destroy our family structure and the core values on which we stood. The result was a devastation that would […]


Recently I experienced an incident when a friend made a statement that I knew was inconsistent with the teaching of the Bible. Knowing that I was a Christian they further stated that Bible is outdated or not for our times. I knew what she was saying was most definitely not biblical, in fact, the Bible […]