Praising God in the Yet: Putting an End to Fair-Weather Faith

My husband, God bless him, is a die-hard college sports fan. His blood runs the colors of his alma mater, and he loves and believes in his team whether they’re winning or losing. He’s a very faithful fan. I didn’t grow up in a sport-centric household. Before I met my husband, I wasn’t even sure […]

Fifty Shades of They – Book Review & Giveaway

One of the most important parts about living life is those we choose to share it with. Ed Young’s book, Fifty Shades of They shares insight on relationships and how they impact our day-to-day lives and ultimately our future. As relational beings the ways in which we share our lives and experiences with others matters […]

Striving For Mind and Body Health

Do you want to feel well rested and happy to begin a new day when you wake up each morning? Do you wonder if your mind and body are getting the nutrition they require to function optimally and be at your best for yourself and your family? Ever wonder if there is anything to help […]

The Virgin Mary

What a glorious event the next two days brings. There are many things that create a sense of amazement when studying the story of how Christmas came to be. While infant Jesus is by far the biggest miracle of the season, Mary and her faithfulness came to mind the other Sunday while listening to the pastor at […]

50% Off Ad Space for Cyber Monday

We have had some wonderful organizations and individuals advertise with us and we want to offer a special discount of 50% off for Cyber Monday! We only have FIVE available, use promo code ‘CYBERMON’ at check out to receive 50% off your ad space. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends! […]