Beautiful Everywhere

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I was traveling to Texas with my parents from Iowa. Going through hills and mainly desert, I could tell my parents were bored and tired of the long road. I started to pray as I was getting tired myself from driving 6 hours straight. I began to gaze at the scenery that was beyond our reach and knew that God was speaking to me at that instant. He said, “See the colors and the hills I have made? These are for you!” I just started to Thank God for opening my eyes that instant. I prayed again to myself and knew I had to share with my parents what God had put in my heart.

Beautiful Fall Colored Trees

I gazed one more time at the beautiful scenery we were driving through.

“How beautiful everything is, mom do you see what I am seeing?” I told my mom.

“What is that?” She asked with dreary eyes. Surely, she did not understand what I was talking about.

“Well just look at the beautiful view we have,” I repeated to her.

“It’s just desert.” Was her reply.

“No mom. It’s beautiful. Look at the different colors we are seeing.”

It was early in the fall when we were driving through so there were colors of orange and red and brown. Yes, it was hills and desert. Yes, I was tired and sleepy. But I was in awe of the splendor that was right before my eyes. We had driven from the greenery and beautiful colors in Iowa and driving through the desert and hills and parched land. There were no houses, no grocery stores, and no gas stations.

“Mom, God gives us the privilege to be able to see his marvelous work that he has given us to live on. You see, this is his masterpiece. He gave us this land to be able to live on. He supplied us with food and water. He also gave us sight to see what he has given us.”

This reminded of when I was walking in the wilderness. I was lost in the dark, but God allowed me to see the darkness, and show me where I could be if I did not believe in him. I walked in the wilderness of evil, misery, and pain. He gave me a choice of whether to continue living this way, or choose his ways and abide in his love and trust.

Just like the wilderness I was in, I was soon to find hope when I had made the choice to follow Jesus.

I saw nothing but amazing, beautiful colors driving through these hills. My mother understood what I was speaking about and before we knew it, we arrived at the next stop to stretch our legs. I saw a different aspect coming back home to Iowa and made the stretch of road much easier to drive.

My prayer for you is that God will give you eyes to see when you don’t see. God will take you out from the wilderness you are walking on and place you in the Promise Land he has prepared for you. I believe God has a plan for each and every one of us, but you need to open your eyes and see.

I Will Make A Way In The Wilderness And Rivers In The Desert.- Isaiah 43:19