Blogging A to Z : Key Terms You Should Know Part 2

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Having trouble getting your mind wrapped around all the blogging jargon?

Well with our back to blogging school series, we are here to clear up some of the confusion. Today we pick up from Blogging A to Z Part 1 to cover more essential blog vocabulary every blogger should know.

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The Blogging F’s

Favicon a small icon you see at the top of your browser tab when visiting a blog or website

Featured Image – the image that is showcased for a particular post or page in WordPress

File – a piece of information that can be uploaded or downloaded to your blog. As a blogger, you will gather a lot of information and it’s important to have good file organization to find your images and documents easier. Check out these articles on file organization:

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Never Lose a File Again

File Organization Guide for Bloggers

Google Drive for Bloggers[/fancy_box]

FTP – an electronic way to transfer files to your site. This handy when you are making changes to your website/blog. When you sign up for a hosting company they will provide you with the credentials you need to access your site via FTP. In order to use FTP, you will need a tool like FileZilla.

Footer – the bottom portion of your blog. Although many readers may not make it to the bottom of your blog, it’s important to maximize this space. Here are a few tips for making the most of your footer.

The Blogging G’s

Gadget – blogger’s term for a widget that allows you to add additional features to your site.

Ghost referral – referral spam that often shows up in your analytics. Learn more and conquer Google Analytics.

Gravatar -the image to shows up when you leave a comment on someone’s site. Are you sick of being identified as the blank man when leaving a comment, if so sign up for your own gravatar?

Giveaway – a way to promote your site and generate new traffic by giving readers a chance to win a product or service. 

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The Blogging H’s

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Hosting – the company that provides the storage space for all of your blog’s files and images. Hosting provider includes companies such as Bluehost, RFE, GoDaddy,

Html – stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the language web pages are written in.

Header – the top portion your site.  

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Homepage – is like the front door of your website.

Hyperlink – the direct link to a specific page or website.

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The Blogging I’s

Inspect element – handy tool built into web browsers like Chrome and Firefox that allows you to temporarily edit a website.

Incoming links – links to your blog from another site

The Blogging J’s

Jump link – a link that allows readers to skip to another section of your post

Jpeg – a common image format

The ABCs of Blogging | The beginner bloggers A-Z blogging vocabulary guide

The Blogging K’s

Keyword – words often used by individuals when searching for information

Keyword Research – the act of finding the set of words people use when searching for a particular topic online

Keyword Research tool – a tool that allows you to search for popular keywords used when searching for a specific topic

The Blogging L’s

Labels – offer a way to sort your blog post in categories

Link Party / Link-up – a blog that offers other bloggers the opportunity to share their content on a specific day

List – collection of names and email addresses representing individuals who have subscribed to receive email communication from you

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The Blogging M’s

Media Kit – a page or document that provides key information about your blog, which is shared with brands interested collaborating with you.

Meta Description – a 160 character snippet that provides a summary of what your blog is about

Menu – links to pages and/or posts

The Blogging N’s

NoFollow link – is a hyperlink that has a special code that tells search engine bots not to count a specific link

Navigation – links or images on page that when click redirect readers to a different portion of your blog

The Blogging O’s

Opt-in – content such a workbooks, lists, or printables that are given to readers in exchange for their email. Get 100 Free Opt-In Offer Ideas here

The Blogging P’s

Plugins – software that adds additional functionality to your WordPress site

Post – a written article on a blog

Permalink – the URL or permanent link to a post or image on your site

Podcast – an audio file made available via the Internet

PNG – Portable Network Graphic, a lossless image file format. 

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There you have it blogging friends, the second installation of our essential blogging terms for blogging beginners. We hope you find these handy. Join us next week for our final blogging vocabulary lesson. If you found this helpful share it with others on your favorite social media platform.

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