Book Review: Blessed Life by Kim Fields

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In her recently published book, Blessed Life, Kim Fields opens her heart to readers in an authentic account of her life as a daughter, a child actress, a friend, a sister, a wife, and a mother. Her journey is a beautiful story to follow, where obstacles, seasons of waiting, and glorious triumph abound.

Great Storytelling

It is clear that the specific conversations she recounts were exactly what molded her young perspective on life. Using personal details of her insecurities, proud moments, failures, and successes, Fields is reliably honest. The book includes photos and her own poetry for a more personal pull into her life.

Refreshingly, Fields refrains from gossiping about the industry. Having read many celebrity-authored books, this was a huge relief. Through her personal and emotional narrative, I have developed a great deal of respect for the woman she is.

Where I Wanted More

A significant downfall of this piece was an overuse of namedropping—something that probably could have had more utility to readers who recognize the names. It was distracting in a way that left me slightly disappointed. While some big names were essential to a particular anecdote, I would prefer to do without those that did not. The countless lists of names felt like an attempt at career or personal validation, which was addressed much better through her candid storytelling.

Lastly, I found the title to be somewhat misleading. This is not to say that God played a minor role in her journey. The book, however, read more like an Blessed Life by Kim Fieldsautobiography than a faith-centered or devotional-style piece.

Blessed Life: Final Recommendation

By the end of the book, Fields has presented her story with an open, candid heart. Looking beyond the more unconstructive namedropping offers a relatable, moving testimony of overcoming insecurities and failures and holding onto humility in the midst of triumph. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in these encouraging anecdotes, especially those who grew up during her early acting career.

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