Trusting God for the Impossible

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The Impossible by Joyce Smith portrays a beautiful story of a mother’s faith and resurrection of her 14-years old son. After her son’s accident at Icy Missouri Lake, she thought all was lost, but this was when God stepped in giving her courage to have unwavering faith in Him to trust Him for the impossible.

Joyce Smith’s words will keep you glued to the book as she unfolds each phase of her son’s travails and his healing. She emphasizes on the simple yet fervent prayer of a mother’s heart and how it can touch God’s heart.

When we are hit the hardest by life’s toughest storm, we tend to question God. But instead, if we come to Him prayerfully allowing Him to surround us with His loving-kindness, He gives us peace, joy, and strength in the midst of our storm and surely He brings us out of the storm for His glory.

This book is genuine proof that God is still in the healing business. And He answers us when we cry to Him with an unwavering faith believing that He is the God of impossibilities.

As a mother of 4 years old daughter who is in a completely vegetative state, Joyce Smith’s words have spoken life, courage and hope to me personally. I couldn’t read The Impossible without wiping my tears from the very beginning till the end.


Joyce Smith’s 14-year-old son, John, falls accidentally into the Icy Missouri Lake. Doctors have no hope for his survival. In fact, they decide to declare him dead as his lifeless body lays in the hospital. But God has a different plan for John’s life. After his mother’s prayer, his heart begins to beat miraculously leaving the medical staff shocked. After more than 16 days of a continuous fight between life and death, John Smith walks out of the hospital completely healed, defying the odds and proving every scientific prediction wrong.

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About the Book

  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • Published:  November 7, 2017
  • Genre:  Biography/ Inspirational
  • Pages:  256
  • Purchase your copy:  Amazon | Christianbook

Trusting God with the impossible

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