Cherishing the Women in Our Lives

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Every once in a while, I like to host a girl’s sleepover.  Usually, I have a mixture of the ladies in my family and some of my best girlfriends.   It is never anything fancy; just us girls in our pajamas, a few snacks, and some games.  Often, we head out to dinner first, but the real fun doesn’t take place until we are back in with the PJs and the snacks.  No one is on “mom duty” or “wife duty”.  We are just girls! It is during those times that we can just laugh….maybe even cry.  When it ends, I always have the same final conclusion:  we must cherish and maintain healthy relationships with the women in our lives.

We, as women, play very important roles in each other’s lives.  It is nothing against the men in our lives, but as women, we often have the same emotions and reactions to different situations.  We can “let our hair down” with each other; we speak the same language.

Perhaps it is because the “little girl” inside each of us never really dies.  Somehow, life happens and maybe that “little girl” is buried under the many other roles we take on or even buried because of disappointments, but no one understands the “little girl” inside of us like another “little girl”.

Recently, I have been praying about how I can be a better friend or even better support the women in my life.  It may take a little work on our end, but I do believe that when we carve out time for each other, we are blessed and even become a blessing.

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Tips for cherishing and maintaining a healthy relationship:

Purposely set dates to meet up 

We schedule dates for our health appointments or even nail appointments so why not pencil in a few dates ahead of time to spend some time with the women in our lives?  It can be a date to meet up for coffee or take a walk in the park; maybe even embark on a new adventure together, like hiking or taking a cooking class together.  I have one friend who recently tackled a cooking class with me.  We had a blast.  I have a few friends and ladies in my family who enjoy sports like I do.  We text during the games when we can’t get together.  We also joke that we should be on the paid coaching staff.  Often, the older women like our mothers or even grandmothers are lonely.  They are also a great resource for wisdom so don’t forget the older women who have gone before us in life and can often provide valuable insight.

Send words of encouragement

We all have good days and bad days.  We also have days and seasons that can be challenging;  no one is exempt.  We must put on our listening ears and when other women in our lives express a difficult day or time, we must be quick to encourage them.  We can send a text of encouragement or even a handwritten card. Furthermore, there is nothing like picking up the telephone just to be a listening ear or even a cheerleader.  Often, God will give us the exact words to encourage someone.


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Cover each other in prayer 

Prayer is crucial in supporting the women in our lives.  The women in my neighborhood gather monthly for a Bible study.  At the end of each Bible study, we write our prayer requests on a card and swap cards with each other.  We then commit to pray for the needs on the cards for the entire month until we meet again.  We also have a group text where we can send texts for immediate prayer needs.  I cannot tell you what a strength this group has been to me.  I also have other women (mother, sister, niece, and several friends) who faithfully cover me in prayer.  It is so encouraging to know that I have a team of women behind me.   I also diligently pray for them.

Share experiences with each other

Life is all about learning.  When we share our experiences with others, we not only provide wisdom but we may also prevent others from going through a difficult time.  This is especially true with the younger girls or women in our lives.  As a mother and aunt, I try to share my experiences to help make their journey a little easier.


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Your Turn

Have you found it easy or challenging to maintain healthy relationships with the women in your lives? How do other women provide support to you?

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