Choices: To Be Happy {Guest Post by Anna}

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Sharing with us today is Anna Tamar, who blogs over at A Heart for All Nations. She is a biology major with a desire to travel the world curing people physically and healing them spiritually.
It’s not possible for one to be happy all the time but I believe we make being happy more difficult than it really has to be. Sometimes we make choices that we deliberately know will make us unhappy. You see I find myself now happier than I have ever been. It is not because life is perfect but because I have now become consciously aware of the things that makes me unhappy and I do my best to avoid them. I have evaluated myself to know what ruins and makes my day. Apostle Paul puts it like this in Romans 12:3 “ …..Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves….”

It’s really that simple! Be true to YOU! To the things you like about yourself and the things you don’t like so much. It can be something as simple as not liking the menu at a restaurant. You can make choice not to order, it’s not common…. but it’s really okay to leave a restaurant if don’t have an appetite for anything on the menu. If you dislike wearing high heels don’t wear them, find a substitution or stick to flats. I personally dislike flats, I don’t know why but when I wear them it makes me feel like I am walking around barefoot. Do I still buy them? Yes. I mean every woman should own a pair of flats right? No.

When we are true to our selves we begin to honestly evaluate our spiritual lives. We begin to know where we fall short and where we need the grace of God to help us. Be real in your evaluation….find the things that drives your affections for Christ and emerge your life in them and find the things that bereft you of that affection and walk away from them. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time in the presence of God. Because that makes me so happy, that’s what I do at the start of my day. For some people it’s worship, or prayer or devotional with your spouse or even a physical activity like running…when you find the source of something that makes your day go 100 times better…. make sure you don’t go a day without it. I choose to be happy.