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women cowering in fear due to abuse

The Battered Woman

The subject of battered women and domestic abuse is attacking those I hold near and dear, an issue that has been close to my heart

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Embracing life's middle

Embracing the Middle

On my blog, I try to stop and ponder how my messy, imperfect and ordinary life journey and my extraordinary faith intersect. I try to

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Grace for your husbands

Grace For the Husbands

Typically, I shy away from writing anything marriage related, because I do not feel qualified to hand out advice to others on the subject, nor

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Sides of the fence

Two sides of the fence

On the attack or the defense? There are two statements that are dangerous to our walk as believers. I sadly have been in situations where

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How are you waiting through the storm

Waiting on the Storm

Second Corinthians 5:7 says that we are to “Walk by faith and not by sight.” As of late, I’ve needed to be reminded of that.

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Dreams Shattered

The Wrecking Ball

Pain and suffering came crashing into my life like a wrecking ball against the side of a building, except I was unaware of this evil

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