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Who Are You Impacting?

As a child, mom would say, “Set a good example for your younger siblings.” But they sure weren’t following my footsteping example. They were too

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Why Am I Here

As human beings, the question “Why am I in this world?” pops up in our thoughts from time to time. The Bible teaches that every

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In the Wilderness

Have you ever been in a situation where you trust God but at the same time you are just tired? Tired of waiting, tired of

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How to Handle Life's Tiny Goliath

The Tiny Goliath

The tiny Goliath – two contradicting words – is what we are battling with right now. This seemingly tiny particle of nm in diameter, fragile

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Never alone

Separate But Together

Pre-coronavirus, I went grocery shopping once a week, but once this virus began spreading through the nation and my state, I dialed it back to

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