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Finding the Right Balance

Blogs by Christian Women (BCW) is excited to be partnering with Stephanee and Martin Green, two individuals and a loving couple who believe in a

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Writing Wins and Woes

Well, I am a writer. That goes without saying.  But why am I here blogging to you about writing? I am blogging because three years

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In Him Will I Trust

For some, trusting in God through very difficult times can be a very daunting task. We’ve all heard the sermons about trusting in God and

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You are forgiven. That thing you did… those words you said… that person you hurt… you’re forgiven. You. Are. Forgiven. You made a mistake.  I know.

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Sunday Share @ Blogs by Christian

September Sunday Share

It’s been awhile since we join together for a time of fellowship. We are so glad you decided to you join us. <div align=”center”><a href=””

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Good Enough Mom

This is for the Moms The one that carries, the one that carried and lost, The one that’s raising, the one that’s raised and let

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