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Pressing On

No matter what we face in our day and no matter what situations come our way, it is important to press on and move forward.

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Verse by Verse 9

Verse by Verse [V.9]

This is the 9th Verse by Verse. Here’s how it works: Every other week we’ll post a new verse with a background. The point of

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Proverbs 16

The 30 Minute Prayer

Have you ever been in Bible study when it’s wrapping up and you have already been there for an hour and half and someone says,

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When Peace Shatters into Pieces

CREDIT: “Smashed Car Window” Photo by Net_Efekt:, Text added with permission: Cheree Hayes The day was shot before I could even change out of my

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The Hope in Waiting

Hi y’all! My name is Rebecca. Last year I wrote a guest post here entitled, “The Single Journey”  and have been overwhelmed by the gracious response

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What Will Your Legacy Be

  When you consider your legacy, what comes to mind?  Many people today focus on collecting material possessions or stockpiling money to pass on to

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Verse by Verse [V.8]

How are you doing on these challenges? This is the 8th week of Verse by Verse. Here’s how it goes: Every other week we’ll post

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