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Promises that never break

I have been busy thinking about and trying to wrap my head around everything that God does for us. But, it’s becoming impossible. It’s like

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Why it's time to take the sidelines in ministry

Stop Playing While Hurt

I grew up playing basketball. For about 10 years, it was a substantial part of my life. Outside of school and church, it practically was

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Value in the Vessel

In my daily walk with God, I often feel intimidated or unworthy because of what I see others doing around me. I see other Christians

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How to Walk in the Dark

It is 2019 with some radical weather crossing the country and confusing politics happening around Washington. Clouds of all kinds, physical and emotional can hover

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Because I'm More

I am More

Do you remember the first time you heard your baby say “mama”? It was a big moment. A one that you remember and cherish. It

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The Greatest Love

With  Valentines Day coming up, love is a popular topic and theme.  Well, I have the best Father who loves me. GOD. He is the

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