Closer to God Through Travel

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We all find ourselves feeling closer to God in different ways…for you it might be reading a spiritual book on His love for us, for others it is worship music and for some it is fellowship at church…it varies from person to person and there is no right or wrong way to experience this. For me however, I feel closest to Him when I am traveling or on an adventure. It doesn’t have to be to a far away exotic place…it can be a simple hike to experience a gorgeous view near my home, it can be going to camp and witnessing the tranquility of being disconnected from technology and being one with nature.
I recently had the opportunity to travel abroad and the experience was life changing. Not only due to witnessing other cultures or ways of life…but because I have experienced the vastness of this earth…. the earth that He created.

While visiting Italy I was able to witness breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, in Switzerland, the Swiss Alps were like nothing I could have ever dreamed and the rolling hills and lush green forests of Ireland were magical. Each country, each town and each view had something about it that told me God was present.
Sitting in silence, staring out over a spectacular view, it is in these moments that I know God is near and I feel the Holy Spirit within me. A light breeze might come and toss my hair across my face…bringing with it the smell of the sea below. These are the moments when I am reminded that we serve an amazing God. That on this earth he has planted small glimpses as to what his kingdom, Heaven, will look like. We have a slice of the pie right here among us and we rarely see it as so. We rarely look out over a breathtaking view and think to ourselves “God made this.”

I feel closest to God when I see these bits of heaven. Not even the work of Leonardo D’ Vinci, Michelangelo, or Raphael within the Sistine Chapel, in all its glory, can outshine the beauty of God’s masterpiece. God made Heaven and Earth…and every morning and every evening…as the sun rises or sets…we are able to witness the hand of God and His paintbrush as it streaks colors of the most vibrant hues across the skies.

These are the moments I feel closest to God. 
When do you feel the closest to God? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. Dee says

    I just stumbled across your website as i was searching places. A few months back i felt God guiding me to a major life change with my family. My husband and I have 3 very young children, one grown child and a dog. We have a comfortable set up where our children are able to live very free and opened. We got fortunate in February and purchased a friends camper for 500 and we were exited we would soon be able to camp in a camper. Fast-forward to june, out of the blue i recieved a sign (I’ve not been much of one to really know when i see a sign). I knew without a doubt I am supposed to sell our belongings, leave our secure souce of income and move into our small 26ft camper traveling the USA to different destinations spreading the word not only to the world but to ourselves and Sunday experience different churches where we are camped. While doing this we are supposed to get odd jobs to survive. I am trying to be strong in my faith and not fear the unstable life that it would be with my children….
    I love your website and the beautiful pictures you have shared. Do you have any suggestions on a roadtrip destination plan?

  2. Esther* says

    Thanks for this post – we dont have enough of them on this topic. About to set off on yet another overseas adventure and found it very encouraging.

  3. Jesus' Baby Princess says

    Love this!! I’m a fan of travel blogs but find it hard to find one written from a Christian perspective, which makes sooo much of a difference! So refreshing! Yes, God made this world, and He’s great at what He does!!

  4. Jesus' Baby Princess says

    Love this!! I’m a fan of travel blogs but find it hard to find one written from a Christian perspective, which makes sooo much of a difference! So refreshing! Yes, God made this world, and He’s great at what He does!!

  5. Marcy says

    It isn’t in my budget to do much travel but I have always wanted to go to the Holy Land and experience where Christ walked. I love looking at books on the Holy Land which also allows me to meditate on Jesus’ life. I’ve also wanted to go to the Alps. For some reason mountains really bring you to contemplate what God has done. Our pastor told us that mountains in the Bible were metaphors for meeting God. When someone goes up into the mountains it has a deeper meaning than just making a trip. I believe it. How could you not contemplate God when you are in such majestic spaces.

  6. Elle Alice says

    I feel the same way about traveling! I am constantly in awe of the beautiful world that God created when I am blessed to explore a new corner of it. I get to see in a new, exciting way, outside of my own life. I try to journal whenever I travel so that I can remember the little things that remind me of God’s amazing love for me.


  7. Heather says

    There is a reason some of us feel a greater connection to God outdoors and it’s found in Romans 1:20. God makes Himself known through his creation so that all creatures are without excuse. Many agnostics try to reason that being born again cannot be the only way to Heaven because not everyone has the chance to be told about God. But Psalm 19:1-6 tells us this is incorrect information. Great reminder! I love seeing the Lord’s majesty through His creation. Especially those as beautiful as the ones shared here! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Charity says

    I definitely do feel a greater connection to God when I am outdoors in all his creation and traveling speaks volumes of his intelligent design. I always say he is the master artist the way he built this world proves it.

  9. Katie F says

    I agree with you 100%; I feel like we don’t spend enough time looking at Creation on earth as opposed to inside man-made buildings. Earth was the first house made for us, and endlessly the best we’ll ever know.

  10. Jamie Rohrbaugh says

    I’m totally with you!!! When I’m traveling in awesome, perfect, natural places, I sense the Lord’s presence so closely. It’s amazing. You can see His majesty in places like that.

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