Digging into God’s Word With Others

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Having a Christian mother, the church has been a part of my life since birth. And I was well acquainted with hearing scriptures and being instructed to “read my Bible.” Yet it would take years before it really resonated with me.

The first Bible I purchased which set a flame my love for God’s Word still sits on my bookshelf today – the NIV Collegiate Devotional Bible: Devotions for Knowing God and Discovering His Purpose for Your Life. I’m not sure what it was that suddenly awaken this lifetime church girl to the beauty and wonder found within the pages of the Bible. But it was no longer dull.

Years have passed since that first Bible purchase and my time reading God’s Word has waxed and waned as I journeyed with Jesus. Which is why I loved the mission of Love God Greatly, when I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago. Their aim is to bring a community of women all over the world together, who are inspired, encouraged, and equipped to make God’s Word priority in their daily lives. 

Our lives are full of demands, and it’s easy to let our time with God get pushed to the back burner as our lives get busier. What we do is better when done through His strength and not our own. We are better together than alone. 

YAF Bible Study

Study Together

I want to invite you sisters to join me for the Love God Greatly, You Are Forgiven study, which begins August 29. I’ll be co-facilitating a private Google+ group for this 8-week study, but there are also several Facebook, email, or other groups you can join. To find a group visit Love God Greatly. To join my Google+ group, visit the link and ask to join.

If you are interested in joining the You Are Forgiven study, cost doesn’t even have to hinder you. While there is a You Are Forgiven book/study journal available for adults and kids, it is not necessary to purchase. The study material is available for download free at LGG. There is also a beautiful app.

Whether you are digging into God’s Word with Love God Greatly, another study group, or solo, I want to encourage you to make time in your day for reading and reflecting upon God’s Word. One of my favorite methods of Bible study has been the SOAP method. Grab our free SOAP note printable.