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Ever found yourself looking for love? Wondering if it was possible for anyone to love someone like you? The desire for love is universal, and the quest to fill our love tanks can lead us to look for it in all the wrong places. But who thinks to look for it in a book?

Jennifer Rothschild latest book, 66 Ways God Loves You, shows us how to find the greatest love of all throughout every book of the Bible. As a “church girl,” I grew up singing Yes Jesus Loves Me and being exposed to God’s Word. However, I have never really looked at the Bible in the way Rothschild presents it.66 Ways God Loves by Jennifer Rothschild

In just two pages per book of the Bible, she manages to showcase God’s message of love in each book succinctly. For example in Hosea God Pursues Me to Buy Me Back, she writes “We all want a love that won’t let us down, but what happens when we let down the one we love?”

Perhaps that is where you find yourself–having let down God. Haven’t we all been there? But be encouraged by Jennifer’s words, “Though we have broken God’s heart as Gomer broke Hosea’s the Lover of our souls seeks not to punish us but to dress us in robes of purest white.

I love this beautiful reminder that no matter where our search for love may have taken us – even the places we would be ashamed to name- God still desires you and me. We don’t have to be stuck in the mire of bad choices or negative thoughts. You will see just how much God loves you and how He weaves the message of His endless love throughout scripture.

Could you use words of encouragement like this for your journey? Or know someone who can benefit from these doses of love and encouragement in 66 Ways God Loves You?

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About Jennifer

Jennifer’s love for God started early on. When she was in third grade, her grandmother gave her a red leather bound Bible. Jennifer loved this Bible. Everything from the look, to the smell, to all the messages inside, even the messages she didn’t yet understand. Over the next few years, all of the time spent with and in her Bible, she adored so much became the foundational point where she fell in love with God. Then, when Jennifer was 15, she developed a retinal eye disease that lead to the loss of her sight. It was during the season of grieving her loss of sight that she learned how to lean on the foundation of love God formed through Jennifer’s adoration of that red leather Bible.

Love Notes from God

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