Divine Time Management: The Joy of Trusting God’s Loving Plans for You

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We all have 24 hours to use in a day

I’ve heard this from some of the top time management experts in the past. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase too?
The statement is truth. We are free to use our 24 hours in any way we choose. We get no more (or less) than anyone else on this earth.
But what happens when we order them in a way that truly puts God at the center? When we set up our time to allow His best to flow freely into our lives?
This is exactly what Elizabeth Grace Saunders Tackles in the book Divine Time Management: The Joy of Trusting God’s Loving Plans for You.

Unlike many of the time management books and courses I’ve enjoyed, she dives into the what the others have missed.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book for review purposes

Learning to Make the Most of Your Time


Elizabeth lovingly walks us through 3 sections of her book

  • Section 1 –  Trust In God At The Center
  • Section 2 – Love For Your True Identity
  • Section 3 – Alignment With God
The sections both convict and encourage us to manage our time to glorify God. The book is based on growing our relationship with Christ first. She provides a wonderful mix of scripture reference, practical examples and snippets of her life experience. These things combined give us a clear picture of what living a life with God as the priority looks like.

Section 1 Trust In God At The Center

The author sets the stage by walking us through what traditional time management or self-improvement books do not.

In Chapter 1 she states:

The truth is, striving for self-empowerment actually results in disempowerment because it disconnects us from the source of our true strength – God.”
Often in our culture, even within the church, words like “strive” and “hustle” or phrases like “make it happen” are considered a goal. What Elizabeth shares in Divine Time Management is that pushing through on our own strength “produces bondage instead of freedom”.
Maybe you are at a point in life where that very thought turns your world upside down ( I know I once was! ). In that case, you are in for a treat! Divine Time Management is a fantastic starting point for those who are hearing these concepts for the first time.

But here is my favorite part of this book.

It is just as good of a resource for those who already know that striving and muscling through life does not equal God’s best for you …. and here’s why.
After we “know” that, we are left with what to “do” with it. We often struggle with the practical side of what that looks like.
Elizabeth doesn’t just leave you with an exercise to prioritize where you “write God in” at the top of your list. You don’t have to then figure out what that means. Through the remaining sections, she takes your hand as you deep dive into the what and the why.

Divine Time Management

Section 2 Love For Your True Identity

Next, she invites us to take off the masks we wear, to challenge any false beliefs we may have and to discover what God says about our true identity.

I loved this sweet reminder on pg 116:

“The best news about learning to know and love your true identity is that you don’t have to figure anything out on your own. The greatest expert on who you are and what you’re created to do knows you and loves you and wants to tell you.”
HE knows us best and wants us to see ourselves through HIS eyes. We have to consider, where are we getting our sense of self? Is it from the one who created us? The chapters of Section 2 are loaded with wisdom and grace. The author continues to help us process these, sometimes uncomfortable truths.
Pg 94
“One of the biggest reasons so many of us struggle in this area is that the false beliefs that encouraged us to form and hold on to false identities are very convincing. They seem so real and so natural that it’s hard to believe they’re false. In fact, unless we stop and consciously challenge them, we will keep believing what the world says, instead of believing in what God says, is the truth about our identity.

She wraps up the book beautifully with Section 3 – Alignment With God.

As I read through chapters 6-8 I was given insight into my relationship with God, relationship with others and myself. I was inspired that the “little moments” can have big significance. And that being present has great value to God, to others and to my own soul.

Who is this book for?

I would recommend Divine Time Management: The Joy of Trusting God’s Loving Plans for You by Elizabeth Grace Saunders to every believer. Whether you choose it to help you better manage your home life or business it will challenge you to go much, much deeper. It will encompass your whole life starting and ending with the one who created you.


This book will truly bless you in areas where other traditional time management books come short.  With scripture references, practical application, reflection exercises and personal insight it has everything you need to move forward and start experiencing the joy of trusting God’s loving plans for you!


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